Past, Current, and Future Projects

If you keep a constant pulse on the market and have the necessary knowledge and viable resources, this is a great Buyer’s Market and a Fantastic opportunity for investors If not, this market can become volatile and intimidating to even the most savvy investors.

In the current state of the economy, we have all heard of foreclosures. We all (as investors) know the opportunity they present. Unfortunately, as the popularity of an opportunity grows, so do the marketing predators trying to push expensive programs and workshops on potential, unknowing investors. The fact of the matter is, if you do not already have an established relationship with somebody who specializes and operates within this market every day, you will likely become very frustrated and never be successful in your endeavors. REAL foreclosure opportunity is usually only available to investors for a few days, not weeks. Nationwide Real Estate performs market analysis DAILY. We determine which areas are the most profitable to our clients and which properties in those areas are the most viable.

Our services do not stop with market analysis. We handle EVERY aspect of the investment in foreclosed property. As you can imagine, many foreclosures are in need of work and may be categorized as “Distressed Property”. New carpeting, paint, minor repairs, etc., may be necessary to maximize your return. Although an expectation when investing in foreclosures, most of us do not have the time for the oversight of repairs, tenant management, or otherwise. As with ALL the opportunities available through Nationwide Real Estate, we take all challenges with default property investments and make this a truly passive investment opportunity for our clients. From acquisition, to management, through the liquidation of your properties, Nationwide Real Estate will handle all aspects on your investment on your behalf, while you retain 100% ownership.